What is Colostrum?

ColostrumColostrum is the first lacteal secretion of the mammary gland prior to and after parturition. This ‘first milk’ contains contains vital components like immunoglobulins, proteins, growth & immune factors, lactoferrin, cytokines, and a perfect blend of vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients for the human body.

Antibodies in colostrum called immunoglobulins are the major component of the adaptive immune system in mammals. Immunoglobulins (Ig) help direct the appropriate immune response for each type of foreign object encountered. This can be powerfully effective in a variety of health and wellness applications.

Bovine colostrum has properties very similar to human colostrum and has the benefit of being obtained in large quantities. Colostrum has numerous immune boosting agents and also contains growth factors and bioactive components the body can use to combat internal and external health threats.

Components of Colostrum


Colostrum contains a myriad of bioactive properties. There is perhaps no other natural ingredient that can provide a perfect combination of vital components to assist our bodies in addressing health-related issues.

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Colostrum Procurement

Starting with the highest quality raw material gives La Belle a distinct edge over the competition and provides a solid base from which to develop our colostrum products.

Testing and Manufacturing

La Belle’s procurement process begins with collecting liquid colostrum directly from its natural source, US Grade A, lactating dairy cows. A high quality liquid colostrum source is essential for obtaining the most optimum levels of colostrum’s bioactive components. La Belle collects only first day milkings to guarantee high immunoglobulin and bioactive content.

Our vast procurement networks include dairy herds on two continents, which allows La Belle to have access to an enormous supply of liquid colostrum. Collecting colostrum from thousands of individual farms and herds, in varied environments, delivers a broad-spectrum immunoglobulin content.

These dairies adhere to local, state and federal guidelines, along with maintaining their own internal set of quality control protocols to ensure the safety of their herds and the quality of their colostrum. Dairy farms ensure the nutritional health of their herds through the implementation of varied feeding programs, resulting in the highest quality colostrum in the world.

La Belle works with dairies to implement stringent and methodical processes to establish the proper quality control measures. From feeding programs to sanitization to collection and storage, La Belle helps each dairy meet our quality standards through monitoring and frequent training, which has resulted in the highest quality ingredients available.