Powder Colostrum

La Belle has been the leader in colostrum products since 1984. We are committed to helping you find the ideal colostrum product for your specific application. Our product lineup includes ingredient formulations and finished products.

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Ingredient Product Line

La Belle has a diverse line of colostrum formulations to be used as an ingredient in a variety of human health products. These products fall into three categories:

Whole Colostrum

Whole Colostrum is as close to naturally occurring colostrum as you can get. La Belle’s manufacturing process maintains the bioactive composition of colostrum while keeping all natural components intact. Colostrum’s immunological properties, growth promoters and amino acid profiles are maintained in our Whole Colostrum formulation. (Typical shelf life is 12 months)

Low Fat Colostrum

La Belle’s proprietary processing technique reduces the natural fat content of colostrum while maintaining the bioactive components. Low Fat formulations are as close to nature you can get but with the advantage of having an extended shelf life. This product is ideal for those who want a shelf stable product with lower fat content. (Typical shelf life is 36 months)

High Protein Colostrum

Additional processing allows La Belle to be able to maintain colostrum’s bioactive properties like growth factors and immune responders while elevating protein levels. High Protein formulations are ideal for human health applications in the sports nutrition and athletic performance markets. (Typical shelf life is 36 months)

All ingredient formulations are packaged in 20 Kg boxes. These products are available for export to numerous countries around the world. La Belle will provide assistance in meeting the necessary regulatory requirements.

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