Avian Proteins

Avicol Products

Recognizing our customers’ daily struggles to maintain herd health, La Belle has developed highly bioactive products that can reduce the costs associated with medicines, veterinary labor and mortality.

We are proud to introduce Avicol, a one-of-a-kind product line of high-quality protein packs that deliver unsurpassed avian proteins.

We oversee every aspect of the production of Avicol, beginning with the hyper-immunized hens that lay the eggs to the gentle spray drying of the finished products.

La Belle’s Avicol formulas combine hyper-immunized egg protein powder with natural colostrum. The synergistic effect of Avicol delivers a daily supplement with unsurpassed proteins that support overall calf health, reducing the need for antibiotic treatments and decreasing labor costs.

Administrations of quality feed supplements are essential for the success of every calf rancher. Feed Avicol as a daily supplement for overall calf health.

AVICOL C Complete
La Belle’s AVICOL C is a nutritional supplement that combines colostrum with a broad spectrum of avian antibodies to support feeding programs for calves.
La Belle’s AVICOL E/C is a single focused nutritional supplement with a specific avian antibody combined with colostrum designed for newborn calf operations wanting to decrease scours and dehydration.
La Belle’s AVICOL R/C is a nutritional supplement that combines colostrum with specific targeted avian antibodies adding support to calf feeding programs.